We Specialize in BIM / VDC Solutions


  • We will keep the collective interests of the client and all other stakeholders in mind and we strongly believe that they are higher than our own self interests.
  • Our Management practices are based on Trust, Transparency, Democracy, Integrity and Empathy.
  • We encourage our staff and partners with the freedom to think and act in a team based environment.
  • We will be the client’s trusted partners and endeavor to be the first consultant of choice and will provide prompt and courteous services.


  • We have devised our own Design & Delivery Platform (DDP) which are based on honed legacy processes, developed over decades of repeated learning and use, fine tuned to work efficiently in a BIM / VDC platform. We use an array of processes and technologies and knowledge from our extensive research in various other non-AEC sectors like Aerospace, Mechanical, Semi-conductor industry, Gaming platforms, Virtual reality, Augmented reality, 3D Printing and Artificial Intelligence domains. Our mission is to assist in improving project productivities, reduction of waste, faster completion cycles, optimum first and lifecycle costs and simulating and validating 'what-if' scenarios for effective decision making.
  • Our DDP platform uses several BIM / VDC compatible design software and algorithms, to provide multi-disciplinary coordination and integrated design strategies to meet / exceed our client’s and stakeholder’s goals.
  • Our process begins at pre-concept stage, after ensuring a smooth road ahead for subsequent design stages and supports all the way until construction and facility handover & facility management.
  • Our team responds quickly to changing situations, new information and turning around high-quality deliverables with impressive speed. Our accuracy is maintained through our platform that keeps track of the area schedules, quantities and project data made available to the stakeholders in real time. Our change management system is robust and responsive, as and when changes happen in the middle of a project, we quickly ascertain the impact and recommend an optimum way forward addressing the desired target.