We Specialize in BIM / VDC Solutions


To challenge legacy mind sets, bring transformational change and deliver exceptional design and technology solutions in the Engineering design, infrastructure domains by integrating aesthetics, poetry, design, sustainability, engineering, efficiencies, constructability and facility management in a seamless process for all stake holders.


  • Our well researched processes and 3D Design & Delivery Platform (DDP) developed by us will increase team communications, productivity and team efficiencies by managing the entire A/E/C Content in a single unified visual and database environment.
  • All the projects we do will have some areas where we constantly challenge the status quo and by thinking’ out of the box’ we will endeavor to propose unique design solutions and will have a positive impact on all the stakeholders in some way. For Ex: Wow factor, Need to know information on demand, Quick turnaround time, Generating multiple ‘ what-if’ scenarios, Improved and concurrent communications with all project team members and stakeholders.
  • Will endeavor to be the consultant of choice for our clients looking for cutting edge design and ‘lateral thinking’ solutions for complex issues being routinely faced in the A/E/C industry.
  • We will endeavor to transform lives of people occupying the buildings and environments we design and build and find best fit building and infrastructure solutions to minimize first and life cycle costs, reduce carbon foot prints and creating sustainable buildings by leveraging and researching on cutting edge design and technology tools and algorithms.