Our design team constantly researches on new trends in the design of corporate office and IT facilities. There are many significant developments in the way we see the future design of spaces and facilities for these sectors. Some of the factors we consider in the design of these facilities are as follows :
  • Gen Z ( Born between 1994 and 2010) entering the workplace and who have grown up with access to technology almost from birth.
  • Millenials (early 1980’s to mid 2000) will take managerial positions over the next few years and will become the largest generation and part of the workforce and facilities and work spaces should be designed to meet their needs and aspirations.
  • Use of technology products like windows surface pro, ipad pro might replace laptops and allow employees to become mobile and workspace design should factor this reality. Improved workspace design has a great bearing on company’s productivities and bottom line. A well designed facility and workspace can be an effective humane resources tool to attract top talent which companies would be vying for.