Using our unique Digital and Delivery Platform (DDP) data and information rich 3-Dimensional Digital Building Information Model (BIM) can be visually experienced by everyone involved from early concept design upto construction and facility maintenance operations and handing over.

This platform has been conceived as a combination of bleeding edge design and technology tools coupled with time tested and honed building design and construction processes. Time tested sequencing methodologies and integrated with historical information and current cost databases gives us an edge over using only conventional processes of design and delivery.

Digital and Delivery Platform (DDP)

Digital and Delivery Platform for BIM Services / VDC Services in Bangalore, India

Building Information Modelling (BIM Services) and Virtual Design and Construction(VDC)

We have developed our own Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) processes to develop long term relationships with AEC professionals, facility owners and stakeholders. We would like to create a disruptive transformation in the design and execution of buildings and infrastructure and to revolutionize the way buildings and infrastructure are currently being built.

Our processes result in lower built costs, optimal life cycle costs, faster delivery cycles, lower harmful emissions into the environment and reduction in project execution time. We will endeavour to find the best fit solution to minimize lifecycle costs and carbon footprint by generation of several scenario based planning and concepts.

BIM Client Benefits

BIM Services offered include :

  • BIM Implementation plan
  • Design and Construction 3D BIM model ( LOD 100 to LOD 400) creation for ASMEPF disciplines with Centralized BIM data and information rich model Design reviews and Clash detection and resolution- “What you see is what you get” - WYSIWYG
  • Production of construction working drawings (GFC) extracted from BIM model with schedules, notes and annotations
  • Quantity survey and BOQ generation
  • 3D renderings, 2D renderings, Videos , Virtual Reality, Augmented reality
  • Construction sequencing videos integrated with MS project schedules (4D)
  • BOQ generation from accurate 3D BIM model and cost scheduling (5D)
  • Sustainability tracking, Value engineering, Optimization and Peer reviews Construction support to PMC team with GIS tracking
  • Virtual Mock ups
  • Bill checking and audits extracted from BIM model
  • As built documentation
BIM Services studio workshare :
  • Architectural firms
  • Engineering firms
  • Design-Build firms
  • General Contracting firms
BIM digital content creation :
  • Product manufacturers
Scan to BIM :
Our BIM Services team can accurately create a BIM model of all site related, existing building and infrastructural elements which can have several applications in the QS, Quantity and cost audits, As-built drawings for record and renovation, assessing line and level of structure based on allowable and industry acceptable construction tolerances which is useful for preparing shop drawings, bill auditing which reflect the correct as built information at site.
  • Facility Owners
  • Design-Build firms
  • General contracting firms