For over three decades, our founding partners have been closely involved in the creation of award winning and sustainable benchmark projects for some of the world’s largest and most respected brands.Optimum Cost, time, buildability, durability, function and aesthetics are key considerations in the design of buildings and are carefully balanced to meet the needs of the client and end user without compromising on safety and sustainability.

V + S has a sophisticated level of knowledge and experience on a broad range of building projects. Our Parnter's previous project experience equips us with the necessary skills to bring buildings and structures to life so they function efficiently, economically, safely and sustainably.

Listening to client needs and creating integrated designs that are effective and affordable are important drivers for V + S. We pride ourselves on being skilled at integrating people, space and technology. We are focused and always in the forefront of design trends, technology and innovation.


We work in close collaboration with the main Building Designer on how the structure can be expressed uniquely and in-sync with the building design.

Our research and experimentation on various spatial forms in both concrete and steel, the use of precast, post-tensioned and other hybrid systems has yielded a lot of positive results. We encourage our clients to benefit from these experiences.

The structural designer works with the building designer and other MEP professionals to explore all potential opportunities and constraints, with a view to achieve the main designer’s intent without any major restrictions.

We incorporate the best fit structural solutions that meets the design intent and price - performance goals set for the project. We share early concept engineering 3D- BIM models with our Building Designers, MEP Engineers and Contractors. We can deliver BIM Models from early stage LOD ( Level of design) 100 levels up to LOD 400 stage models which can be used to fabricate a variety of building elements and also be sent out for CNC cutting with minor tweaking by the fabrication and erection contractors as required.

BUILDING UTILITY SERVICES - HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Safety & Security and LV

Our MEP Designers always have a judicious mix of passive and active design strategies and work very closely with the main building design team, structural designers and the clients.

We provide extensive analysis and early validation of our design concepts to suggest technologies which have the optimum first costs based on anticipated life cycle costs.

Our Design and Delivery Platform (DDP) processes along with related MEP design and validation software and green building design suites helps us converge on the right design and with appropriate technology solutions.

We endeavour to engineer projects towards attaining water self-sufficiency by water harvesting, harvesting solar energy, use of recycled water, zero carbon and aim to achieve net zero buildings.

We analyse our buildings using both macro and micro environmental criteria of the actual project location.

Consultancy services for HVAC, Electrical, Public Health Engineering, Safety and Security, Fire Detection and Suppression, Integrated Building Automation Systems, Gas Distribution Systems are provided.

Special Services such as Green and Sustainability (LEED/GRIHA) certification, Building environmental analysis (Building Physics), Site environmental analysis and environmental Impact assessment studies (EIA) are provided.