We Specialize in BIM / VDC Solutions

With our decades of experience in managing large A/E firms of over 175 people profitably for over 21 years, we can act as your trusted advisor and mentor on your projects to implement, transform and train your organization and staff to improve the organisation’s profitability, productivities, reduction of waste and facilitate seamless collaboration.

  • Medium to large Architectural/Engineering Consultancies
  • Project and Construction Management Firms
  • Design-Build Firms
  • Developers and Facility Owners
  • General Contracting Firms

Dedication, sound management, and the passion of an experienced and creative team have driven our work and our growth. Our research team conducts and disseminates evidence-informed and comparative research, allowing our teams to create operationally efficient and effective design solutions.

We collaborate with leading experts tapping into our world-class expertise in ERP systems and to incorporate lean VDC principles and BIM technologies into their capital project delivery systems and methods. Our focus is on solving specific facility creation business problems of our clients and our strategies are based on using 50% innovative breakthrough digital technologies and the other 50% on traditional and time-tested legacy brick and mortar processes.

Each time we streamline overall project workflows, we see the same effects throughout the design and construction processes: waste is reduced, time is saved, cost is minimized, and quality improves. Our goal is to build our clients’ confidence and competency in new methods and tools so they reach new levels of success.

V + S Design Partners has the people, skills, and a compelling track record for working on challenging projects that demand ambitious thinking.

Konnect - Collaboration (ERP) software written by/for A/E/C Consulting firms

Konnect is a revolutionary, web based ERP software in a unique environment developed by V+S specifically to cater to AEC project focussed professional services firms. Konnect software has been tested and extensively used by leading A/E firms in India for over 15 years. The same software can also be used by other non AEC professional services firms mainly using a human capital for billing thier services to thier client including IT, Mechanical, legal, accounting firms etc. as well with some modifications.

These firms rely on Konnect everyday to win more business, increase operating efficiencies, profits and to measure and monitor employee performance. The software captures all billable/non billable hours, increase employee utilization, stream line project management and increase revenue and profits.

Various key business processes like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Projects, Time sheet, Project based accounting, Human Resources (HRM), Office administration and Management Information Systems (MIS) are available in both stand alone and integrated modules.

In a nutshell Konnect can achieve the following for your firm :

  • Gain real time visibility into your business covering resources, projects, clients, people and performance
  • Align your entire staff to stay on business targets and take corrective actions as required
  • Tailor reports to meet your unique needs
  • Empower users with powerful business dashboards
  • Management has very powerful dashboards covering Order book status, Project Billing and Collection overviews, Gross and net profitability overviews, effective manhour utilization reports, Client contracted deliverable tracking reports
  • Dramatically improve efficiencies and cash flows

All Konnect applications are developed using the .NET Framework, SQL Server Express and with various other technologies. It views .NET as the key to providing Konnect clients with a more reliable, manageable and open product, while at the same time speeding up the development of new features and applications. The Konnect platform gives you the power to develop real-time, transparent connections between Konnect and other applications.

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