We Specialize in BIM / VDC Solutions

Virtual design and Construction + Sustainability (V+S), Design partners was founded by Venkataramanan, Jagan (VJ) and Shalini, Sundaram (SS) (V+S) both having several decades of experience in Venkataramanan associates and Sundaram Architects pvt ltd respectively (V+S). Jagan was a senior partner at Venkataramanan associates (www.vagroup.com), Architecture firm for around 21 years prior to founding V+S, Design partners and Shalini Sundaram is additionally the current design director at Sundaram Architects (www.sundaramarchitects.com), pvt ltd a reputed A/E firm which is currently in its 57th year of operation since it was incorporated.

With a burning desire to change legacy and primitive methods of project design and delivery by Orchestrating design and Leveraging technology and offering our clients a new Design & Delivery Platform (DDP) platform which has been well researched and developed based on addressing Planning, Aesthetics, Design, Engineering and Sustainability using techniques of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) and Building Information Modeling (BIM).

Several new processes and methodologies and use of technologies and algorithms from various other industry domains like Mechanical, Aerospace, Semiconductor, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are part of our DDP. This unique DDP platform uses a judicious mix of Design, Engineering, Sustainability Technology software and traditional time tested brick and mortar tools which has worked well in the past based on our years of experience serving and designing benchmark projects for large multi-national clients both in India and outside India.