We Specialize in BIM / VDC Solutions

We can provide a well thought out BIM strategy which provides radical improvements in building design, construction and in operations through advances in digital modelling & simulation software platforms and well researched processes. A well thought out strategy should address clients' project goals, needs, communications, quality, costs, risks, program and deadlines which is critical to achieve success in any project or organization.

BIM Centric Workflow - Strategy
Advisory & Training
Advisory & Training

We have been working with various AEC companies and offer our expertise to tap the full potential of BIM, often starting from concept until completion and handover. Our team will assess your current processes and systems, provide an appropriate and holistic migration strategy and help you with setting up of new software and hardware. We will guide you through the required process changes which would ultimately result in accelerating your ROI and will result in improved productivities with lower costs and improved profitability for your company.

BIM Model Auditing

During the course of any project, it is always sound thinking to verify the consistency of the information contained within a Building Information Model (BIM). Failure to audit the BIM model will undoubtedly result in unreliable output data and, by extension, generate false reports. To obtain trustworthy output from the BIM model, all documentation must be constructed while respecting certain practices, standards, and Levels of Development (LOD). Output includes Construction Documents, Constructability Analysis, 3D Coordination, Bills of Materials & 6D Facility Management models. It’s good practice to have an objective third party validate all BIM models developed at key points throughout a project. With the vast experience that V+S Design Partners holds in creating & validating BIM models we can review designs to ensure specific methods (level of detail, naming standards, and other design criteria) are properly documented. V+S Design Partners can serve as your neutral outside party to perform BIM validation. In addition, our BIM validation methods can coach a design team on the improved use of the BIM software.

BIM Model Auditing
BIM Coordination
BIM Coordination

One of the most important goals of the utilization of BIM is the physical co-ordination of systems between disciplines, along with efficient and proper installation in the field. The V+S Design Partners BIM Coordination process involves Clash Detection reports, Constructability reviews, virtual and/or personal Coordination meetings with architects, engineers, consultants, construction manager(s) and sub-contractors. V+S Design Partners is fully capable of organizing and running the Coordination phase of a construction project. We already have led modeling and coordination efforts on several projects. Individual project schedules, Gantt charts, email alerts, documentation hosting, RFI logs, and project specific group contact lists are all smoothly integrated into one easy to use, easy to access site. In order to further assist, we can assign one or more of our BIM professionals to your design team for the duration of your project. Our BIM professionals will help in your office or in the field, while the rest of the team at V+S Design Partners guides you from our offices.

Building Conflict Reporting / Clash Detection

Once the BIM Models for all disciplines are accurately created, V+S Design Partners performs Clash Detection and generates customized Building Conflict Reports (BCR). Our staff works together with architects, engineers, general contractors, and various trades to detect and resolve the design conflicts among construction elements before construction costs are ever spent. The coordination meetings are run, and BCRs are produced, using Autodesk Navisworks Manage Software. This software is the industry standard for precise collision detection and clash reports. Multiple CAD and/or BIM platforms can be imported into a single file, stripping down the base geometry to keep the file lightweight. We upload each BCR by trade for all parties to see, then document the issues and update the project schedules. We also supply hardware and software where a turnkey solution is necessary For contractors, the “low hanging fruit” for return on investment include:

  • Improving construction costs by identifying and correcting clashes before the construction team is onsite.
  • Increasing the chances of winning a project bid by showing thoughtful design approaches using the visualization techniques inherent in BIM-based renderings.
  • Reducing the number of change orders, which reduces administrative expenses and processing time during construction.
  • Allowing more fabrication to happen off-site, greatly improving your management activities.