We Specialize in BIM / VDC Solutions

We do not have a set signature style & a cookie cutter approach to solve project challenges. We try to achieve client’s BIM/VDC goals and needs, based on other factual information and other site related information using a specific tailored process to suit each client. We believe in quality at a fair price is better than mediocrity at a lower price.

V + S Design and delivery platform (DDP)

We have devised our DDP using an array of time tested industry standard BIM/VDC compatible software & algorithms, processes and technologies and knowledge data bases from our extensive research in various A/E/C & other non A/E/C sectors as well.

Our processes and technologies are incorporated with a mission to assist our client’s project's productivities, reduction of waste, faster completion cycles, Optimum first and lifecycle costs, simulating and validating 'what-if' scenarios for effective decision making. We deal with large and complex data sets, providing our clients with optimized performance in relation to their financial models and project goals.

Our DDP platform provides our clients and partners with excellent multi-disciplinary coordination and an integrated design strategy. This process begins at the pre concept stage and ensures a smooth road ahead for subsequent stages and supports all the way to facility handover and facility management.

Quick turnaround

Our team responds quickly to changing situations, new information and turning around high quality deliverables with impressive speed. We understand the importance of adapting to market conditions and new information and when faced with new challenges we get the job done without questioning.


Our accuracy is maintained through moments when speed and pressure are at their highest. This is due to our unique platform DDP which keeps track of all the areas, schedules, quantities and project data made available to the project stakeholders in real time.

Change Management

As and when changes happen in the middle of a project, we can quickly ascertain the impact for the client and recommend an optimum way forward often addressing the desired target. From the earliest concept, all decisions are made with an eye to detail for design intent, constructability and the goal of achieving a crisp, clean and high quality built product.